Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ANAM is here!

Welcome, ladies! Glad you made it over. We've been planning to work together on a woman-focused project for a while. We're so pleased to finally be making it a reality. Our goal is to provide a safe place for women to express whatever it is within them that needs to be purged. A lot of us hold on to energies that do nothing but anchor us down in sadness and anxiety. The only place we should be anchored is in truth and love.

Everything doesn't have to be so deep. ANAM is also a place of fun and silliness. Feel free to ask simple and easy questions. Want to know what fingernail polish to wear, or what we think about a new style? All you gotta do is ask.


  1. Welcome all!! This is YOUR space=)

  2. Salaams sistas!!! I'll be the first to break the silence....ok, so I've been working in the same hair salon for 2 yrs and and 3 months now and I really feel as though it's time to spread my wings and move on to better things. Better things meaning more growth and opportunity. I am currently working at a salon with a 46 year old who has been doing hair for 20+ years and let's just say she's "old school", there's no advancement opportunities, and I want to do more than fingerwaves and french rolls. I must admit I'm a little nervous about going to a new salon because I love stability and this has been a stable job, I just need more. Any advice on this? Or maybe I'm just looking for different opinions...whateva you have to share please share! Shukran in advance and sorry it's so lengthy


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