Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salon Setback

Question: Salaams sistas!!! I'll be the first to break the silence....ok, so I've been working in the same hair salon for 2 yrs and and 3 months now and I really feel as though it's time to spread my wings and move on to better things. Better things meaning more growth and opportunity. I am currently working at a salon with a 46 year old who has been doing hair for 20+ years and let's just say she's "old school", there's no advancement opportunities, and I want to do more than fingerwaves and french rolls. I must admit I'm a little nervous about going to a new salon because I love stability and this has been a stable job, I just need more. Any advice on this? Or maybe I'm just looking for different opinions...whateva you have to share please share! Shukran in advance and sorry it's so lengthy.

Mina says: As Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatallahi wa Barakhatahu Joy!! First off, thank you soo much for posting and trusting us enough to engage...thats a very good question, I have to say I'm excited for you for seeking to progress with your career, because its not as easy as it may seem and can be quite scary to "step out" as you said...
Give thanks for the situation you're in now as you've had an opp. to express your craft and hopefully learn a great deal....But you're a butterfly and its only natural to wanna  spread those beautiful, colorful wings...

I would get really quiet and serious with myself and ask the following questions...

1. How (specifically) do I see myself advancing.

2. What are three goals I'd like to accomplish in the next year?

3. Where do I want to be at the "top" of my career, ie, what is the ultimate goal?

and any other questions you deem fit..

It will take a sincere delve and seriousness to answer these questions and do so truthfully, sometimes we think we know, but when we go deeper, we're surprised at what we find, so its important to put your finger on WHAT you truly want.
At that point, you can approach the accomplishing of these goals with a fervency and convicted determination. Also, your mind heart and spirit will be peeled towards any opportunities that arise. After asnwering the questions I suggest writing your goals down and reading them at some regular interval, like every night, or every morning, or every couple of days, and talk to yourself about it. This will do a lot to get your mind over the fear of something new. and in the mindframe of already attaining it. {You can write and read them affirmation style such as "I will get a job at a contemporary funky salon by June" or "I'm applying to get my Cosmetology Lisence", etc.)

Trust me, nothing can stop what God has put in you to deliver--but you/we do have to have the courage to push pass the mundane and live our passion/mission. if what you discower is true, God will aid you in seeking to attain it, espcially if you KNOW what it is, and stay CONSISTENT in going after it. But be confident that you should pursue growth! Yes ma'am, you should! Be patient, things may not (most likely) change over night, and thats part of the process, DONT let it discourage you or make you say "aww forget it, i KNEW i shoulda never..." NOPE, its just making you firm in patient perserverance. It's NOT always easy but it IS worth it!
We wish you the VERY best in your endeavors, please let us know how things turn out, keep us posted! Hope this helps!
Nad says: Wow, Mina. You put it down on that one. Can you say thorough? "Trust me, nothing can stop what God has put in you to deliver--but you/we do have to have the courage to push pass the mundane and live our passion/mission" I love that. It surely rings true.
If you're not feeling like you can thrive and be happy where you are, that means something. Our bodies know what we need. So many of us spend our lives in jobs we can't stand. Yes, it is risky to go a chase your dreams, knowing there is always chance you may not reach them, but that's a risk the successful take. 
With this recession being as ugly as it is, I would suggest not making in any rash decisions. You probably don't want to leave your current job until you have something else secured, or at least a good cushion to rest on while you search.  Hope this helps. Thanks for jumping in first. Keep us posted.

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